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Join this intimate retreat that will give you a safe space to go deep and provide you the tools and techniques to experience transformative breakthroughs within a beautiful setting in Kingston, WA. Currently open to all women, techy and non-techy alike.



experience healing and transformation

Techies + Wellness invites you to retreat with us and within yourself. As your wellness guides, we curate a weekend full of intention and love, offering a safe space for healing, reflection and transformation.

Prepare to break through the surface and go deep inside your true self as we lead you in intentional self-reflection, meditation, mindfulness and transformative healing sessions. While this can be an uncomfortable process, we empower you with tools that allow you to move forward in your life beyond our weekend together. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to be surrounded by the support, wisdom and highly vibrational energy of the group as each individual embarks on their own personal journey. 

To further nourish the mind, body and soul, we provide delicious vegan and gluten-free meals, plenty of solo “me” time and a host of ever-changing, rejuvenating activities such as meditation, fire ceremony, guided journaling, hiking, massage, myofascial release, reiki, sound healing, yoga and more.


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Many retreat participants have experienced life transformation. Read what they are saying about their own retreat experience!


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If you are interested in sponsoring an event or hosting your own custom Techies + Wellness retreat for your group or team, let's connect.


get nourished

Techies + Wellness has an on-site culinary artist, Chef Wil who creates vegan and gluten-free meals to nourish our bodies and our hearts.


Partner with us

Thanks to the many businesses who believe in our mission and contribute to making the retreat experience special for each participant. If you would like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you.


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