Our mission


It has been said that everything is within us; the peace, the power and the transforming presence of love to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Yet, most times we've become very mechanical and end up living in our heads when we were created to live from our hearts. We get so busy with the responsibilities at work and at home. We get exhausted by trying to fulfill the expectations from others and from ourselves. We feel the need to put on a mask of who they need us to be. This draws us further from our authentic selves and we no longer feel we are living our life's purpose. Assuming these projected identities causes stress and anxiety which may lead to depression and can even lead to physical illness!

You are engineering the world around us, but what about engineering your world within?

Techies + Wellness is a bridge between the tech and wellness communities on a mission to empower tech professionals, improving their well-being from within by bringing holistic wellness hacks and resources, event experiences and transformative retreats.

This can be a lonely journey, we can empathize. We come from a place of our own life experiences, healing, holistic wellness knowledge and most importantly, heart. Your soul may be yearning for more fulfillment of what your heart is calling. Often we don't know where to start or who to reach out to. So we try to numb our minds by burying our emotions deep within distraction, busyness or even medication.

We are here to help you get from a place of stress, anxiety and even illness to that place of peace and power within. We are here to help you restore balance and reclaim your innate life force to live freely and fully. We help you go deep within and bring your light to the surface.

Our growing community includes tech employees from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Oracle, Pinterest and more.

Let us be a part of your journey. The more we can improve the lives of people creating our future, the better our world will be.

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SOUL’D OUT! Fully reconnect with yourself and explore how you can become the most authentic, peaceful, loving and successful version of yourself while being surrounded by beautiful nature and with a safe, supportive group of ladies. Currently open to all women, techie and non-techie alike.

The Techies + Wellness Retreat is more than a break from life's duties, routines and busyness. Our retreats are a sacred container that can energetically facilitate clarity, creativity and love. They offer a way to move past our conditioned selves and into the essence of who we are. It’s an opportunity to take pause, listen to your thoughts and feel your feels. Tap into your truth and set your soul free. This is the space for reflection, self transformation, empowerment and healing.


PAST events

Breathwork is a powerful technique for exploration, discovery, healing, and personal growth. Working with the breath enables you to take better care of yourself and release beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. Many people report having profound experiences. Join us for an immersive experience.

Join us for a positive mindfulness meditation for children (ages 5 - 12) and parents focusing on kindness towards self and others guided by Techies + Wellness founder, Jamie and her 8 year old daughter Jewel, a positive mindfulness warrior.


SOLD OUT: Embody peace, mindfulness and radiance. Come experience the vibrational power of Sound and Reiki Energy for your mind, body and spirit. Last time we were sold out and had a wait list. We recommend reserving your spot by purchasing a ticket early.

SOLD OUT: Journey with us through intention setting, guided meditation, breath work, releasing what doesn't serve you, making room for things that do so you can shine your light. This is for those who are ready to go deep! Techies + Wellness Founder, Jamie Cabaccang, will be leading you through this experience.

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