Our partners

The retreat experience includes a bag filled with quality items that can help continue our retreat participant’s journey of wellness and discovery, even after the retreat has ended. We love partnering with local businesses by including their products in our swag bags. In addition, this is an opportunity for businesses to share their products which we will advertise on our various social media accounts. If you are interested in collaborating and adding to our wellness swag bags, let's connect.



Desired Constellation

Gorgeous handmade Amethyst necklace by Desired Constellation. Visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/dsrdconstellation for all fine handmade jewelry inspired by forms in nature. Designed for modern women with a feminine and graceful style.


Burnt Thistle Ceramics

Handmade ceramic smudge stick trays special made for our Techies + Wellness Retreat by https://burntthistleceramics.com/

Burnt Thistle Ceramics are magical, mystical and metaphysical. Handmade one-of-a-kind ceramics. Hand-carved with intention and fraught with symbolism.


Fire Brew

Fire Brew is an apple cider vinegar-based health tonic unlike any other. They stir and macerate fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices and allow them to steep them in raw, organic apple cider vinegar for a week. This process allows the ingredients to release their vitamins and minerals which are extracted into the vinegar. After that, they strain and press the pulp to make the concentrated vitamin-packed liquid. Each blend contains the same strong base of inflammation and toxin fighting ingredients, as well as unique boosts that characterize our individual blends, adding an extra twist of health! 

Use promocode "firereup" for a 20% discount at www.drinkfirebrew.com. 

Benefits from all of them include: 
- Building and supporting the immune system 
- Improving digestion 
- Reducing inflammation 
- Relieving muscle soreness and joint pain 
- Breaking up congestion 
- Moving toxins out of the body 
- Increasing circulation 
- Supporting optimal cardiovascular function 
- Relieving allergy symptoms and discomfort


Millie’s Sipping Broth

We love Millie's Sipping Broths! They are ready to serve in a convenient single serve Steepable™ broth tea bag which was the first to win international recognition. Use promo code "jc1047" for 12% off your first order.


Wilder Skin Co.

All purpose lip balm made by www.wilderskin.co. Non-toxic, cruelty-free skin care. You can shop here etsy.com/shop/wilderskinco for this lovely balm and other face bath and body products.


Herbal Moon Apothecary

Crystal infused nail polish by Herbal Moon Apothecary. They honor nature as sacred and strive to provide earth based natural skincare and botanical beauty offerings in order to reduce the chemicals that women put in their bodies as well as in the earth. Use promo code “tech+wellness2019” for 15% off first order.


Remi Reilly, Essential Oil Educator

Energy Clearing Spray and education materials on Essential Oils by Remi Reilly. Remi is extremely knowledgeable and pours her heart and loving energy into essential oil skin care, plant based cleaning supplies, make up and more. Visit http://remifeb.younglivingessentialoilsample.com/ and you will receive a citrus vitality oil of choice when you order a starter kit.


SAKU tea

We can't get enough of SAKU tea. It is so perfectly delicious and comforting with any kind of milk. SAKU was born out of love for the art of living slowly, joyously and beautifully. A SAKU latte is a chance to enjoy uninterrupted time with each other, enter into your personal inner world or to engage in creative work. By honoring ancient traditional wisdom while embracing the modern world, we bring you a truly whole and unique beverage which is honest, organic, phenomenally healthy and absolutely delicious.

Please visit their website www.sakutea.com to learn more details of each ingredient in their blends and how they can help nourish your body.


A Wild Light Apothecary

During our Boundaries workshop facilitated by Ashley Brown, the ladies received the "Queen of Boundaries" spray from http://www.awildlightapothecary.com/

A Wild Light Apothecary creates small batch herbal remedies made of mostly local, ethically sourced plant materials with an emphasis and intention around the energetic implications of their application in our bodies and on our spirits and hearts.