Jamie Cabaccang
Founder & Creative Director

An artist and award-winning Product Design Leader and Certified Reiki Master, Jamie is compassionate about helping others improve the way they live and work through both transformative technology and holistic wellness.

As a busy wife, mother and lady in tech trying to do it all, Jamie was suddenly diagnosed with a painful and disabling chronic blood disease. She received a bleak prognosis from her naturopathic doctor and was told how their own family members had succumb to this disease. Her illness was diagnosed as progressive and would require chemotherapy and steroids for the rest of her life. After taking time to grieve her life, Jamie realized she needed to heal her own mind, body and soul. She opened herself up to discovering new ways of healing naturally and at the root cause.

This openness connected her to holistic doctors and practitioners that continue to support her journey of healing. Jamie has experienced a vast improvement in her quality of life by embracing this approach to her illness, so much so that she became a Certified Reiki Master. Initially focused on using reiki to heal herself, she saw value in offering this powerful energy work to others and opened up her highly sought after reiki practice, Pure Reiki Wellness

Having spent several years as a manager and mentor in the tech industry, it became evident to Jamie that her industry peers could also benefit from holistic wellness practices. Seeing the opportunity to bridge both worlds, Jamie founded the Techies + Wellness community which creates an awareness of alternative healing methods and mindfulness experiences. Since its founding in 2018, Techies + Wellness has expanded its reach beyond tech and into the local community.

 Jamie formerly led user experience design at Microsoft and Oracle. She is now designing experiences at Pinterest Seattle and curating holistic wellness experiences for Techies + Wellness. Visit www.jamiecabaccang.com to learn more.


Ashley Brown
Director of Community Engagement

An unearthed Renaissance woman, Ashley has run the gamut from the bustling NYC fashion industry to off-the-grid farming in Hawaii, all in pursuit of her most authentic self. This continuous journey of self discovery has led her to the Techies + Wellness community. 

As Director of Community Engagement, Ashley is dedicated to opening up access to a community of healers and educators in order to facilitate pathways of healing and empowerment of others. It's all about that inner glow! 


Chamnan Pich
Health Hacker, RN

Chamnan is a Registered Nurse who now works in Health IT as a Program Manager. Chamnan is lover of all things related to health, wellness, nutrition, a biophiliac and enjoys living an active lifestyle. Chamnan has been a runner for many years and was a Crossfitter for 5 years.

As our Health Hacker RN, Chamnan is passionate about promoting a conscious and healthy lifestyle. She believes in the power and value of physical movement and eating well. Connecting mind + body + spirit is a way of life and it brings her so much joy to contribute in helping people live more healthily and happily.


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