Fully reconnect with yourself and explore how you can become the most authentic, peaceful, loving and successful version of yourself while being surrounded by beautiful nature and with a safe, supportive group of ladies. Currently open to all women, techie and non-techie alike.

The Techies + Wellness Retreat is more than a break from life's duties, routines and busyness. Our retreats are a sacred container that can energetically facilitate clarity, creativity and love. They offer a way to move past our conditioned selves and into the essence of who we are. It’s an opportunity to take pause, listen to your thoughts and feel your feels. Tap into your truth and set your soul free. This is the space for reflection, self transformation, empowerment and healing.

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What you will experience

Our retreats offer a way to do the ongoing inner work to integrate into your life. We provide you with a self-care toolbox through guided meditation, mindfulness, sensory movement, empowerment workshops, energy balancing, sound healing, journaling and more. We will be eating nourishing, healthy food from a local, on-site chef. During the retreat, we consciously do the inner work of opening up and looking at old assumptions, misunderstandings, and motivations that underlie our surface experience of life. This journey moves us into the unconscious mind. At times, this travel can be intense as we break free of the gravity that keeps us stuck in old ways of being and prevent us from fulfilling our potential. It’s important to note that what you put into the experience, you will receive. We will provide you with the retreat experience and tools but it’s up to you to be open minded and get deep with us.

Personal renewal is about honoring your authentic self, facing your fears, connecting with your true essence, and radiating your glowing energy outward. By understanding our essential nature is far greater than the mind can encompass, we will journey to inner depths of mind, body, spirit wisdom. Step away from a world of task-oriented DOING and step into a circle of BEING. Embrace the inner essence of who you really are.

We are very intentional with your time at the retreat and we will follow a simple schedule with plenty of time for self-discovery, growth, connection and plenty of quiet “me” time. Additional 1:1 holistic services may be available and will be shared soon.

* We will have an onsite photographer. Photos of you will only be shared per your consent. See photos from our last retreat.

October 25—27, 2019 | kingston, wa

is this for me?

Our retreats are for ladies interested in holistic approaches to health and wellness, for personal transformation, and work-life balance. Whether you are seeking a path to re-claim heart-centered authenticity, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, struggling with life’s challenges, looking for new skill sets to foster stress resiliency, or searching for a life of meaning, join the journey. This is the ultimate gift to yourself and will greatly contribute to a happier, healthier inner world.

Introverted? Many individuals who join our retreat are energetically sensitive which may naturally tend to make us introverted. Even the Founder of Techies + Wellness, Jamie, is an extreme introvert! We have mindfully kept this retreat small and put together an inclusive experience honoring all types.


Arrive Friday, 10/25/19 at 5pm
Depart Sunday, 10/27/19 at 11am

Immerse yourself on 25+ acres of nature in a beautiful 4,000 sq ft Pacific Northwest architectural home in Kingston, WA. The drive is a little over an hour north of Seattle. Carpool will be coordinated.

Shared loft with 3 queen beds (sleeps 6) $650 - SOLD OUT
Shared room with 1 bed (sleeps 2): $750 - SOLD OUT
Single room with 1 bed: $1500 - SOLD OUT


  • Retreat wellness experience of 3 days and 2 nights.

  • Group Reiki, Meditation & Sound Bath.

  • Transformative, self-empowerment workshops that are designed to build upon each other, going deeper within and unfolding breakthroughs.

  • Healthy, nourishing meals prepared by our onsite professional Chef Wil including breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks, water and tea except Friday night we will have a healthy potluck dinner.

  • Swag bag filled with quality wellness products. See swag from our last retreat.

  • Professional photography capturing your retreat experience.

To Apply:

  1. Fill out the application form. Note: This is not a confirmation of your registration.

  2. Once you receive a confirmation email from us that you’re in, submit a 50% deposit to secure your spot by 8/25/19. The total is due by 9/15/19. Space is limited. Send payment via:

    Venmo: jamiecab
    Credit card contact

Cancellation Policy:
We do a lot of planning ahead of time to offer this experience to as many ladies as we can. As a courtesy if you must cancel, let us know by 9/20/19 for a full refund. Cancellations on 9/21 and after will not be refunded. No exceptions.

To Gift the Experience:
To gift the retreat experience or to host a retreat experience for your group, company or team, please send us an email.

A glimpse of our last retreat

The theme of the retreat was called “Discovering Your Inner Essence” and I felt that this retreat did exactly that. We are so caught up in our daily lives and serving the needs of others that we forget to take time out to invest/care for ourselves. This retreat opened my eyes about importance of self care and balancing the needs of others with my own. It empowered me to live a life that is true to my identity and has help me over come my fears of things I thought I could never do.
— T+W Feb 2019 Retreat participant
It helped me reflect in what I need to change in order to become a better version of myself.
— T+W Feb 2019 Retreat participant
The universe has a way of manifesting circumstances that challenge the individual until you are able to truly understand and resolve lingering attachments to thoughts/emotions/identities that no longer serve you. This retreat gave me the opportunity for self reflection and growth, to acknowledge that while the circumstance was uncomfortable, it was necessary to move the needle in the direction of my higher self.
— T+W Feb 2019 Retreat participant
I felt a strong sense of grounding, direction and empowerment. Mainly, I was able to release and truly let go of emotions and thoughts that didn’t serve me. My intention was to get unstuck and I achieved it, but not alone.
— T+W Oct 2018 Retreat participant
The going deeper exercises pushed me to face something that I already knew was there but I was avoiding. The fire ceremony was a great way for me to break out of that cycle and move past my fears.
— T+W Feb 2019 Retreat participant
I did not know what to expect so I went in with just an open mind. Even though, it was not what was planned because of the snow and all, it turned out to be an unforgettable experience with lots of learnings and take aways. The biggest lesson was letting go of what we can’t control. That was hard but achievable with the support of everyone. Jamie’s calmness was inspirational. It was a truly unique experience. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of this experience.
— T+W Feb 2019 Retreat participant
The sessions shined light on some of my inner strengths and areas of opportunities. My breakthrough discovery occurred after the reiki + sound meditation and the severity of my emotional pain that manifested in my neck. The limiting beliefs exercise was also where I had a breakthrough moment as I struggled with this initially and did not realize that i had so many!
— T+W Feb 2019 Retreat participant
I am so grateful and still am unable to find the right words to describe the experience and the joy of being around all of the women and you this past weekend. Thank you again for giving me permission to shine my light and do things that bring me joy!
— T+W Feb 2019 Retreat participant

Read more testimonials from past retreat participants.


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